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Important Announcements

Faculty Calibration Schedule - December 16-19, 2019

Please click on the file below to sign up for Faculty Calibration week.

Note:  that if the sessions appear "full" the system will allow you to sign up anyways unless it says in the description that there is limited seating available.

TUSDM Calibration Schedule December 16-19, 2019

OSHA 2019

OSHA 2019

The TUSDM Required Annual OSHA training is scheduled for the following dates: MONDAY, Nov. 4th through end of day Sunday, Nov. 24th, 2019. (Weekends included) The Learning Management System will be utilized for this training and any quiz retakes/make-ups must be completed within this time frame.

OSHA 2019 Training Directions

This annual training is a self- directed process. All participants need to be aware of the following information to successfully complete the course requirements:

  • ALL FACULTY, VOLUNTEER FACULTY, PG RESIDENTS, DENTAL STUDENTS, and STAFF who are involved in direct patient care, research or laboratory activities, or job tasks that involve blood, saliva or other potentially infectious materials are required to participate in this OSHA training.
  • An email with direct link to the course and specific directions will be sent via e-mail to all participants on the start date of the course. Participants need to read and complete all the course materials which include:
    • Part 1: 2019 Protocols and Procedures for Infection Control @ TUSDM Manual and Quiz
    • Part 2: Health Care Policies Presentation and Quiz
    • Part 3: Instructions for those who wish to obtain CE Credit (1 Credit)
  • Each quiz must be completed and passed with a grade of 70% to successfully fulfill OSHA 2019 requirements. If you do not pass a quiz (or quizzes) on the first attempt the system allows participants a second attempt to retake/make-up the exam. Participants are encouraged to review materials prior to a second attempt at quiz/quizzes. TWO attempts may be made to pass a quiz(quizzes), after that a remediation with the Infection Control office will be required prior to any further retesting.
  • Each participant will be responsible to print their own certificate of completion once finished with the course and maintain for their files.
  • The system’s database will upload grades and verify successful completion of each participant for the TUSDM Administrations records/documentation purposes.
  • Per Dean Hanlon’s office any participant required to complete OSHA training who does not complete the OSHA 2019 course in the timeframe allotted will be removed from the AXIUM system and unable to treat patients/operate within the clinics.

Thank you for your cooperation with this required school wide mandatory training process.

For more information, please contact Shannon Balletto, Infection Control Consultant

Faculty Profiles Going Live December 2nd

Monday, December 2nd, the University will be launching public-facing faculty profiles. If you haven’t already, please take some time within the next week and update your profile – Please refer to the handout with instructions for your reference: Faculty Profiles - Instructions

Next TUSDM Drop-in Session has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th from 10am – 3pm in the Dean’s Conference Room 1529. Please take advantage of our trainers and help available on-site.

Below is a list of helpful links and contact information:

A project team has already populated much of your profile for you using your current Tufts Web profile and your CV.  Please take the time to follow instructions and update your profile. When you first login to the system, you will see the following information:

  • Photo:  If available
  • Title/Department/Contact Information: Automatically generated from Tufts systems
  • Biography/Overview statement:  if available from CV or web site
  • Tufts Appointments:  Automatically generated from Tufts systems
  • Education:  Degrees only; entered as it is on your CV
  • Professional Activities:  Activities curated from your CV
  • Publications: The system harvests publications from a portfolio of bibliographic databases and will automatically check for new publications on a regular basis. A manual review of publications will also be completed from your CV, to help include some publications that may not be well indexed in library databases.
  • Tufts grants: Tufts grants that are available from Tufts Research Administration System (RAS).

Faculty members will be responsible for reviewing the information entered on your behalf, updating/adding any missing details, and populating information as needed.

Bringing your profile up to date will be a one-time effort. After it is current, you will need to spend no more than an hour on it each year to maintain it.

We appreciate your time and effort and we look forward to providing additional updates.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Monika Bankowski if you have any questions.